We believe working with a dedicated accountant and business performance specialist is an investment in your business — one of the best you’ll ever make.

The accounting and business support Marendaz offers is way beyond the skill set of most accountants. It’s in our interests to understand your business; what generates profits, what drives your cashflow, the challenges of your particular marketplace and the culture of your business. From this understanding we provide workable strategies to get you to where you want to be.

Here’s what you can expect when you work with Marendaz:

  • Expect us to understand what drives your business
    And to make sure you’re getting the right data from your business systems. Data that generates meaningful statistics which identify where your business does well and where the problems lie.
  • Expect us to bring all your information together
    …into something that instantly shows you how your business is performing.
  • Expect us to get to the problems fast
    To understand what’s not working and how to make it work; to predict problems that are likely to occur way before it’s too late and provide strategic direction to avoid those problems.
  • Expect us to advise on practical strategies
    …that you can execute yourself to increase the value of your business.
  • Expect us to show you how to make the running of your business easier
    Much easier.
  • And, if you’re getting ready to retire, expect us to prepare an exit plan for a profitable sale or handover to younger family members

Since switching to Marendaz six years ago, we’ve been educated about how the accounts work. We’ve become involved in the whole process and we now understand the intricate details of the company. Working with Marendaz as our business advisor has given us more confidence and peace of mind. We know where we stand all the time.

Melissa Gardner, L P Warren Homes

After working with Marendaz, when you reach a point where you can confidently say:

“My business is profitable”
“My cashflow is sound.”
“I can meet all my debts.”
“I pay myself what I am worth.”
“I’ve got time for personal interests outside the business.”
“I’m contributing to super.”
or “I’ve got other investments.”

Then, we’ve done our job.

What I like most about Marendaz is they’ll give an honest opinion. It’s straight forward; no mucking about. They respond to everything I ask for. Since working with them, I know exactly where I’m heading. Which makes a huge difference.

Michael De Pellegrin, Genesis Homes

What if the way you are running your business NEVER gives you the wealth and lifestyle you want?

Would you be prepared to change how the business is run? It’s not impossible, but it does take overcoming a couple of tough challenges:

Look at your financials squarely in the eye.

The most difficult challenge for business owners is to know what their problems are.

What’s your break-even point? Do you reach it on Wednesday of every week or sometime on Friday afternoon? What do you owe to the ATO and is that debt mounting? Has there been a downturn in trading? What are your cashflow issues? What is your profit on each product or service you offer and which are priced too low? Are you calculating your costs correctly?

And how would you know?

Difficult stuff. Dealing with the financial administration of the business is generally not what you get into business for. And yes, it’s uncomfortable to look at and often incomprehensible.

Which brings us to the next tough challenge…

Forget about doing everything yourself.

In between everything else that happens day to day in the business, you simply don’t have enough time to be across the financials without help.

And forget about leaving it all to your bookkeeper to take care of. Ensuring the ongoing success of the business and that the business owner is paid what they’re worth is not their job.

It is, however, the job of a dedicated accountant and business performance specialist. One who has the skills to identify the critical factors that will determine the failure or success of your business.

NOT just any accountant. As you’ve probably seen, regular accountants naturally gravitate to what things cost. For a business in trouble, a regular accountant will instinctively try to cut costs or labour. This is a common go-to strategy for the short term, but not a useful strategy for long-term business success.

We think differently.

If you’re able to examine your financials with us by your side, you’re well on the way to predicting and correcting problems in your business. And, equipped with the right practical steps, you’re well on the way towards the success you’ve always imagined.

Phil understands exactly what manufacturing is all about. That’s been a real bonus. He’s got this knack for getting his head around how the business performs and breaking things down to analyse them. He’s totally streamlined our process.

George Semartzidis, Arnold Webbing


The failure of a business is not as sudden as many tend to assume. Just as there is no such thing as overnight business success, there is no such thing as overnight business collapse.


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