Small Business Accountant

We know small businesses are busy! Trying to manage the businesses finance can be overwhelming on top of all the other work. Especially if you do not have a financial background. Devising a financial plan that manages and grows your business is essential to run a successful business.

Marendaz will provide invaluable information you can easily understand, even if you have only a basic understanding of accounting. Our small business accountants will undertake a thorough investigation of your businesses books to help you operate at maximum profit.   

All aspects of finance and accounting will be covered;

  • GST
  • Financial Reporting
  • Income Tax Returns
  • ATO and ASIC Lodgements
  • Tax Audits
  • Superannuation
  • Bookkeeping

Small Business Tax

Tasks associated with general financial planning and tax time are necessary but can be daunting. Let Marendaz take care of all the paperwork and worry for you. We can lift the burden of business tax and financing from your shoulders.

Operating a Small Business

Growing a small business takes a lot of gusto and detailed planning. Its an exciting time that brings the joy of creating your own wealth and independence becomes a reality.

To successfully become a small business owner you need to have completed the following steps;

  • Decided upon business structure (sole trader, trust, company, etc.)
  • Applied for ABN (Australian Business Number) – this allows your business to be identified by the government.
  • Selected and registered a business name – make sure its is not copyrighted or trademarked by another Australian company.

Your next step should be to find a small business accountant. And if you have already done all of this, but want to look further into your businesses financial growth then contact us. We will help you across all aspects of business tax, accounting and bookkeeping. You'd be surprised that even basic financial management of utilities and payroll can be better managed and tracked to advantage your bottom line. Likewise bookkeeping is a crucial step for small business. It tracks sales, purchases, regular and one-off expenses and other balances like bank accounts.

So if small business accounting seems like its not in your field of expertise, don't delay and contact us now. Because the sooner you transfer your small business accounting to our qualified and expert accountants you will reap the rewards.

  • Accounts tidied up
  • Budgets becoming clearer
  • Better managed financial affairs

Affordable Small Business Accountants

We work with cloud-based accounting software. Combined with our expert team, means you will see your business accounts become a lot clearer. This saves you time, prevents frustration and confusion. Whilst at the same time allows you to regain control of your business income. All with cost effective solutions offered by Marendaz.

Remember having good finances is important all year round – not just at tax time. Small businesses need to fulfil obligations all year round. Don't waste your valuable time trying to manage the books – especially to the detriment of growing your business.

Contact us today and leave behind time consuming paperwork and ineffectual financial results.